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Service Info

Bike Services & Repairs -- Pricing effective beginning January 1, 2017

Schedule your service appointment today by calling 570-524-1249 or email
Earl’s Bicycle Store offers a full range of bike services for all your maintenance needs and repairs.

Bicycle Service Packages

Bikes purchased at Earl's always receive $15 off Tune-up packages and $25 off Overhauls!
Prices are labor only and do not include any replacement parts that may be required.

Basic Tune-up – $39.99

  • Adjustment shifting and braking
  • Inflate tires
  • Lube
  • Safety check

Deluxe Tune-up – $59.99

  • Basic tune-up plus
  • Wheel truing
  • Clean and polish
  • Derailleur hanger alignment
  • Resurface brake pads

Premium Tune-up – $99.99 - recommended for a comprehensive yearly check-up

  • Deluxe tune-up plus
  • Clean and degrease drivetrain
  • Inspect bearings

Overhaul for Road Bike - $149.99 A comprehensive rebuild with cables and housing, bar tape, and replacement of any wear items.

  • Premium tune-up plus
  • Replacement of all cables and housing.
  • Replacement of wear items if needed (tires, bartape, brake pads, etc.)
  • Hydraulic brake bleed (if applicable)

Overhaul for Mountain Bike - $299.99 - A comprehensive rebuild with suspension service, cables and housing, and replacement of any wear items.

  • Premium tune-up plus
  • Suspension fork service
  • Suspension rear shock service (if applicable)
  • Hydraulic brake bleed
  • Replacement of wear items if needed (suspenion linkage, bearings, tires, rotors, etc.)

Bicycle Repair Services

Clean and lube (includes clean and polish, degrease drivetrain, and lube) $39.99
Repair flat tire $8.00 each
Brake or derailleur adjustment $8.00
Cable replacement with adjustment $15.00 each
True wheel $12.00
Replace broken spokes and true wheel $20.00
Wheel build $50.00
Custom bike build $150.00
Glue tubular tire $40.00
Hydraulic brake bleed $20.00 each + fluid
Overhaul bottom bracket $20.00
Hub overhaul $20.00
Bearing Adjustment $8.00
Overhaul bottom bracket,headset,or hub $20.00
Install Chain $8.00
Hydraulic brake/lever rebuild $20.00 each + parts
Tubeless tire setup $20.00 each + parts/sealant
All other labor $50/hour


Professional Bike Fitting Session - $99.99

  • Get the most comfort and performance out of your ride. We guarantee that we can get you more comfortable on your bike or your money back. One fit session will last approximately 90 minutes. Contact our service department to schedule a fitting appointment.

Basic Bike Fit - $29.99 (Included with each new bike purchase!)

  • Recommended to ensure proper bike sizing and setup.

Other Services

Professional Assembly - $59.99

  • For building a stock bike out of the box

Pack and Box Bike - $39.99

  • We box your bike for shipping the way a new one is boxed from the manufacturer. Price includes labor and packing materials. Customer is responsible for shipping, though we are happy to provide shipping recommendations upon request.

Skate Sharpening - $6.00

  • Price is per pair
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"Committed to Service"
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